Why should you see a Registered Dietitian? A Registered Dietitian is not the same as a “nutritionist”.  Anyone can call him or herself a nutritionist.  Registered Dietitians are credentialed only after passing an exam, fulfilling an internship, and in many states must also be licensed in order to participate with insurance companies.  Registered Dietitians are experts in the field of nutrition and can apply the most up to date and accurate information to help manage medical conditions and maintain health.


Jennifer J. Walsh, RD, CDN

Jennifer is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Dietitian Nutritionist licensed in New York State.  Jennifer graduated from Queens College and completed an internship AP4 program with Queens College.  Jennifer has worked as a clinical dietitian in various acute and subacute facilities for over 18 years. 

Jennifer can help you on your journey to wellness with individualized diet planning.  Jennifer provides truly unique support that extends beyond the office.  "I've been there! With my experience and knowledge I know I can help you make a connection and reach your goals."

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